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Friday, August 31, 2012

Could Todd Akin become the Upset of this Election Season?

By now we have all heard of Todd Akin's stupid remarks, and I won't go into them now, more important is a new development of a poll here.
It's possible that Todd Akin's apologies may have had an effect, as well as the media moving on to bigger things to cover.

If Todd Akin should win he will have no reason to walk any line the establishment GOP might want him to walk, as they already through him under the bus. He could along with other Tea Party members push to do what they were sent there to do.

In the end it may well be that the establishment of the republican party may have made a symbol against establishment interference in local elections.



  1. While I'm an avid Tea Party member - this guy is an idiot and has no business representing anybody. He's too old, and should be smart enough, to say something that stupid.

    I do get the point about keeping establishment GOP out - they're the one's screwing up the GOP - but, Akin should have bowed out. I don't know what it says about those people in his district if they are still supporting him. I just hope he gets his act together.

    Also - just wanted to let you know I finally got around to adding both of your blogs to my blogroll. See ya 'round!

    1. My big issue is it’s the people of his district who should tell him to get out (unless he does something criminal) not the GOP equivalent of the federal government, they don’t have the right to say how will and won’t run in a district. If they don’t want to give him funding fine, if they want to not appear to be believing what he believes that’s fine too, but don’t start acting like Caesar saying whom will and won’t be allowed to run in local elections.

      I think he gets what he said was wrong and really stupid, and I think he was trying to make authentic point but used exceptionally damaging words, see this link, on what I think he was trying to point to. When one tackles a controversial issue one must be very careful with word choice. And on that no one has ever convinced me that an innocent baby deserves an execution.

      And thanks for the adds to your blogroll.

  2. I agree that we shouldn't kill the unborn - and I can see your point with regards to the GOP establishment trying to dictate to candidates. The man is an idiot.

    You're quite welcome - my pleasure.

    Got something funny to tell ya - you know I put that post up yesterday with the joke DNC convention schedule 2012 - well - did that on purpose knowing it will be a popular search term this coming week. I must be driving those libs crazy - I come up on the first page for google, bing, yahoo, and aol when you put that term in. I have so many hits to my blog using that search term with under 10 seconds it's not even funny. :) BTW - now that we put that search term here in the comments - you might start getting some of that search traffic!