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Monday, June 10, 2013

Glenn Beck Clips May 2013 2/4

Ohio and the gift of fear
What can everyone learn from the story in Ohio? Glenn discusses the importance of community and also trusting our own instincts.
Benghazi: Stand Down
Was help told to "stand down" during the attack on the embassy in Libya? Glenn gives the latest update.
Human trafficking in America
In tomorrow's For The Record, TheBlaze looks at the horrible sex slavery and human trafficking happening in America. For The Record airs Wednesday at 8pm ET

The Benghazi Hearings
Whose story do you believe?

Roots of human trafficking
Rosi Orozco discusses how people end up in human trafficking
Rosi Orozco
Rosi Orozco discusses human trafficking here in America
Raymund Ibrahim
Raymund Ibrahim discusses the impact the Arab Spring in Egypt has had on Coptic Christians in the country.
The system is broken
The media, the news, and the politicians are all failing to treat the Benghazi incident as serious. What happens when institutions fail the people?
Evangelicals and Immigration
A panel of Evangelical experts weigh in on the immigration challenges facing America.
Debating Immigration
Evangelical leaders debate what to do with illegal immigrants who are already in America. The topic ranges from amnesty, to self-deportation and more.
The people of the NRA
What kind of people are Americans?
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History at the NRA speech
A backstage look at how Glenn used history in his NRA speech
NRA members and the keynote
How did conversations with NRA members end up shaping the final draft of Glenn's speech?

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