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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A response to a comment on Exotic Pets, and the Real Agenda Behind Banning Them

A response to a comment on Exotic Pets, and the Real Agenda Behind Banning Them, first the comment

"Watch the TV series cops and you will see that people let these large snakes and reptiles go into public neighborhoods because they can't afford to feed them a rabbit every week. The pets usually end up being cleaned up by tax dollars and it's tax dollars that are spent when people call to report the animal. So your saying it's OK that massive amounts of people, can have these pets, and just release them into public domain because they can't take care of them? Maybe you should ask your city how much tax money they spend on cleaning up after these exotic animals. I bet it's not a small amount. Are you sure your a conservative? And not just a FOX conservative..."

Definitions from the Dictionary on Socialism & Socialist. Updated!

Since someone challenged me to look these up, Socialism & Socialist, I decided to do that, and post them here along with some related terms.

I find this one interesting, it sounds just like what the socialists have been trying for years.
Social Democracy, N. A political doctrine based on a Marxist politico-economic ideology that advocates a gradual transition from a capitalistic to a socialistic society by democratic means and processes.