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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Definitions from the Dictionary on Socialism & Socialist. Updated!

Since someone challenged me to look these up, Socialism & Socialist, I decided to do that, and post them here along with some related terms.

I find this one interesting, it sounds just like what the socialists have been trying for years.
Social Democracy, N. A political doctrine based on a Marxist politico-economic ideology that advocates a gradual transition from a capitalistic to a socialistic society by democratic means and processes.

Socialism, N. 1. A. A social system in which the producers possess political power and the means of producing and distributing goods. B. The theory or practice of those who support such a social system. 2 Construction of the material base for Marxist-Leninist communism under the dictatorship proletariat.

Socialism, N. A theory or method of social organization and government whereby the citizenry jointly owns the means of production and distribution, and the power of administrative control is vested in the state; in Marxism, an intermediate state which must necessarily follow capitalism before the goal of a totally classless society can become a functional reality.

Socialist, N. 1. An advocate of socialism. 2. A member of a socialist party. Adj. 1. Of, promoting, or practicing socialism. 2. Socialist. Of, belonging to, or designating a socialist party.

Socialistic, Adj. Of, advocating, or tending toward socialism

Socialist Party, N. A political party advocating socialism to be achieved by democratic process.

Socialist Realism, N. A Marxist aesthetic doctrine that promotes the development of social
consciousness through the didactic use of literature, art, and music.

Socialize v. -ized, -izing, -izes. Vt. 1. To place under government or group ownership or control
according to the theories of socialism. 2. To fit for companionship with others. 3. To convert or
adapt to the needs of society. Vi. To participate in social activities.

A word to those who may challenge me to look up the definition for a word or words in the future, I have several Dictionaries including one that weighs twenty pounds, I find them useful as an aspiring writer.

To Michael Gene, a funny thing when I looked these up as you requested the word Marxist popped up, that's the basic truth of the issue over socialism at it's heart is that of Marxism, and in that end communism as well, they want to use democracy, which I will get to in a hour, to create their socialist utopia by lieing to the people about their true agenda.



I forgot to add this definition to the list, since Michael Gene used it saying that is what we have at the moment,
Oligarchy: N. pl. -chies. 1. a. Goverment by a few, esp. by a small group or class. b. T persons or families making up such a group or class. 2. A state governed by oligarchy.

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