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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A response to a comment on Exotic Pets, and the Real Agenda Behind Banning Them

A response to a comment on Exotic Pets, and the Real Agenda Behind Banning Them, first the comment

"Watch the TV series cops and you will see that people let these large snakes and reptiles go into public neighborhoods because they can't afford to feed them a rabbit every week. The pets usually end up being cleaned up by tax dollars and it's tax dollars that are spent when people call to report the animal. So your saying it's OK that massive amounts of people, can have these pets, and just release them into public domain because they can't take care of them? Maybe you should ask your city how much tax money they spend on cleaning up after these exotic animals. I bet it's not a small amount. Are you sure your a conservative? And not just a FOX conservative..."

First thing first, you bring up a TV series involving criminals as a way to demonstrate why they need to do this, what if I use this video,, as a reason to ban gasoline, locks, or torches? Society will always have individuals who lack common sense, or are stupid or have criminal intentions. Fact is I don't see the value of having a large snake that is capable of killing you, or a lion, bear, tiger, or poisonous snake. The problem with their and your attitude is you think the solution is government, and the reactionary action is to ban all pets or a large swath of animals that are kept as pets. Instead of encouraging the pet trade to breed the animals they trade and sell in stores, when it comes to some species.

And the ultimate solution to the issue of the issue of those releasing large exotic snakes is educating people that this animal while small now will grow in to something longer then six feet and weighing over 40lbs, many see the cute little snake and don't realize who big it will get. Of course this comes back to my personal points of Personal Responsibility and Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) take those from the individual as rules they need to follow and you get people who will do stupid things, take stupid risks, and not think about what they are going to do because there won't be any real consequences for them.

And as to my city it's Augusta GA, feel free to look it up it doesn't have the kind of social services that you may be used to, because down here most of us try to stand and live on our own two feet, and when we need help we don't go to big daddy or momma government but to charities, churches, family, friends and neighbors, but to you that may seem as out dated as a mythical sky god.


P.S. Oh and as to your question about me being "a FOX conservative" I was a conservative before FoxNews, before I knew of Rush Limbaugh, I came to my conservatism due to life experience, when people (not my parents) would make decisions for me without talking to me or considering my thought or ideas on the issue or event, and then they would make the common statement of "I was looking out or protecting you." especially when it involved my money.

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