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Friday, July 2, 2010

Exotic Pets, and the Real Agenda Behind Banning Them.

Over ten years ago I signed a petition against something the ASPCA or a smaller SPCA group was trying to get passed, what they wanted to do was to change what pets people could keep, and I am not talking about poisonous snakes, lions, tigers, or bears.

What they wanted was to redefine what exotic wildlife would be, a non-domesticated and non-indigenous species captured from the wild outside of the area it would be kept as a pet, usually something from outside of the country, or something captive-bred that does not naturally exist anywhere in the wild of the area such an animal would be kept as a pet, like the popular Iguanas. And they still do the ASPCA's website lists this to encourage people to encourage people not to get a reptile as a pet, "As one dealer of exotic animals put it, "If it walks, crawls, slithers or flies, chances are we have it." That's true of diseases, too. Estimates vary, but experts agree that at least one in three reptiles harbors salmonella and shigella. The percentage of reptiles with salmonella is probably 77 to 90 percent. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says that 90 percent of imported green iguanas carry "some strain of intestinal bacteria.""

As someone who as a tendency to do research on many things due to my writings, let me educate them on something, so do humans! Just the other week the Mythbusters had an episode called Flu Fiction and showed just how hard it is to avoid exposure if you aren't careful, as the diseased person. You can also get a disease from many other sources, for example mosquitoes. We can get many deadly diseases from those little buggers, just look at the death rates in third world countries from mosquito born diseases. Some common advice that works well, wash your hands after handling something, age old advice I believe;)

Now to get back to my main point this would limit peoples pet options, according to their ideas as to what types of animals should be considered "acceptable"
pets and what animals should be prohibited the following would be no nos by them and big "momma" government, ALL Birds, ALL tropical and salt-water fish, ALL Arthropods, most small animals, and of course ALL reptiles & Amphibians.

The problem here is that have been using some recent news reports of exotics like poisonous snakes, lions, tigers, bears, and many more dangerous animals to stealth get this kind of law in, if they say do you want someone owning an exotic animal most people would say "No," but what most people don't know is what they classify as an "exotic animal." Look, I think we can all agree unless you have a legitimate reason for having poisonous snakes such as to make anti-venom you shouldn't have them without having a zoo, preserve, or other similar business. In general Lions and Tigers are not pets, and should not be considered as such, but again the progressives and their allies seem to think they know more then us.

Common Sense is always the answer.


P.S. The reason I did this was a recent thing on stuff you shouldn't buy new, one of those things was pets. First unless you are buying a trained animal (dog or cat) buying from a reputable breeder makes better sense, not that I am discouraging adopting a pet from a shelter, but breeders have been getting a lot of progressive bad mouthing that is getting on my nerves. My only advice is to do what you want to do and not listen to progressive propaganda.

Also, I lost the link to the petition and haven't been able to find it unfortunately :(


  1. The Word is 'Common Sense'. You are the Soloman! Happy 4th!


  2. Watch the TV series cops and you will see that people let these large snakes and reptiles go into public neighborhoods because they can't afford to feed them a rabbit every week. The pets usually end up being cleaned up by tax dollars and it's tax dollars that are spent when people call to report the animal. So your saying it's OK that massive amounts of people, can have these pets, and just release them into public domain because they can't take care of them? Maybe you should ask your city how much tax money they spend on cleaning up after these exotic animals. I bet it's not a small amount. Are you sure your a conservative? And not just a FOX conservative...

  3. To Michael Gene, didn't get to see or read your comment until today, I will have a full response in a day or two, combined with your previous comment.