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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News bites for October 2012

Ok, its been over a month since I've posted anything, between health issues and trying to find some financial help or job its been a very frustrating period for me. Anyway. . .

To the news bites and my opinions short or long;

First earlier last month we had the Jesus's wife papyrus reportedly reporting that Jesus had a earthly human bride let alone the smallness of the fragment, which any true expert would tell you is a poor way to claim new history, it would be like taking a random business card sized fragment out of The Tale of Two Cities and deciding what the story is by that. Point is it was BS.

And next is our dear leader's wife's campaign against fat, which leads the active students to experience what it was like to be a peasant with a "god" king demanding you build his grand temple to himself. High school students boycott school cafeteria over new lunch restrictions.Yet another reason why self proclaimed "gods" should be shunned, big government always mucks up things at some point and only makes it worse when they try to "fix" it.

A little something on the Obamacare its not a tax but it is taxes, These are the Top 5 Worst Taxes ‘Obamacare’ Will Impose in 2013.

Outspoken Obama Classmate: The President Used the IRS to Punish Me Through 18-Month ‘Witch Hunt’ Why I am I not surprised by this.

Ok if you don't remember this one or didn't see it you need to, ‘White Privilege’? Portland Principal Claims PB&J Sandwiches Could Hold Racist Connotations, by the way to miss Gutierrez the PB&J sandwich that's what one can call American Eats, just like Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken, and even the original Chinese food options (look it up you’ll see what I mean.)

Surveillance Camera Captures Violent School Beating: ‘Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare’, considering the previous story, I can see why we have a bully problem.

Legal Scholar Alan Dershowitz Calls MTA’s New Advertising Rules ‘Plain Dumb’ & ‘Unconstitutional’, Basically if you offend the crazy left or radical islamists you don't have the freedom of speech.

How women made porn fashionable, a column on how women have made the equivalent of cultural pond scum acceptable. Note: art is one thing something for pure sexual purposes is another, that quote is from a writer, Me.

$1M Lottery Winner Who Continued to Collect Food Stamps Dies of Possible Overdose, many of you may remember this, I guess we now know where the money was going, sadly.

Ok this one I thin the lady should sue and win, if you have suspensions fine but don't act like your the FBI or a Treasury agent on something, by the way what did they think she was a North Korean Counterfeiter? Walmart Employees Allegedly Rip Up Woman’s $100 Bills Thinking They Are ‘Fake’…Then Try to Give Them Back, I'd also suggest Walmart think about giving their employes a wee bit more training on how to handle these situations, but I won't be holding my breath, unless the start getting sued every week by this kind of stupidity.

Did a ‘Fox & Friends’ Host Get Pranked This Morning? Wait Until You See the Video, If you haven't seen this before you should, just goes to show the level Obama zombies will go to try to embarrass Foxnews or any other moderate or conservative media. Showing one's @$$ on national TV doesn't help you with people who count in the long run, especially the interview kind.

Famous Gay Actor: ‘I Can’t Think of Anything Worse Than Being Brought Up by Two Gay Dads’ This one certainly irked those on the left and worth a read if you haven’t yet.

And another Walmart story, this time refusing to sell a gun to a lawful citizen, Mother Claims Walmart Clerk Refused to Sell Her a Shotgun Because She’s a ‘Petite Young Woman’, you know I'm starting to think walmart hates it original customer base, Hey! Walmart keep acting like this and you can find yourself in the boat Kmart is. Ticking off the customer base is a great way to lose busines.Also don't buy guns at walmart. Hunting stores will treat you better.

And the usual "your conservative believes are equal to the nazis" ‘Your Values Are Killing Us!’: Gay Rights Activists Storm Values Voter Summit, you know they never do this to muslims, what happens if the muslim brotherhood takes over, hum? Nothing more to see here but glitter bombs moving along.

FBI Arrests Teen Who Allegedly Tried to Bomb Chicago Bar, an act of wannabe terror.

New Book Says Justice Scalia Was ‘Enraged’ at John Roberts Over Health Care Decision.

‘Crazed’ Obama Supporter Shouts Down Pro-Lifer: ‘It’s Between a Woman & God!’ A little something for entertainment value.

Intoxicated Man Fatally Struck by Car After Police Drop Him Off–and Cops Face Charges, yea, that whole lets not deport illegals makes so much sense, Not! Also do you rally think anyone at Taco Bell speaks spanish? They avoid it because its Americanized food. Makes one worry about the competence of law enforcement.

Yea, Obama/Biden really saved GM, yet again not, Ford Looks to Beat Toyota for Best-Selling Car in 2012 With This Model.

Scorpion sting leaves Arizona woman with huge bill, I can feel this woman's pain.

Teen whose racy photo was omitted from yearbook arrested, if you remember hearing/seeing about this girl, somehow I'm not really surprised, I think you won't be either.

Only backyard fence separates South Carolina sex offender from 10-year-old victim, you know there are no words that can express the wrongness of this.

Florida mom jailed for baseball attack on sleeping 17-year-old son, actually taking a baseball bat to your teenager isn't going to help things it's just going to get you locked up, there's really not much to this one on which side is right but I lean to not attacking someone in their sleep, except terrorists and dragons.

And this will be the last on for this edition, Meet the ‘American National Catholic Church’ — A Pro-Gay, Progressive Splinter Denomination, and like all great liberal progressive churches it has five members.


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