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Monday, November 5, 2012

Human vs Animal

So while checking the blaze I found this story, Octopus Hunter Receives Death Threats, Blacklisted Over Legal Catch After Photos Go Viral, the reactions by these people who threaten them is despicable, as someone who has been bullied those bullies who have threatened the hunters need a good @$$ kicking. Now to the point of this.The fact that these and other people become so outraged at this kind of story seems to be a disappointment to me when it comes to part of humanity. While one does not want wish that someone gets enjoyment out of killing something, I would point out that if they care for their fellow human being that is what we should care about, this whole peta nonsense has gone far enough. While it is true that many killers get started by killing animals I would point out they do it sadistically. Most of us take no pleasure in killing something (with some exception for the occasional pests) especially for food or defense. And consider the attitude held by many of these peta types where they care more for the suffering of animals then that of their fellow human beings, in some ways mimicking the pre-reformed Scrooge "let them decrease the surplus population."

And to make my final point I want to use the idea of a zombie apocalypse (which has become a popular item in film and book) the kind of person so worried about the treatment of animals is the kind of person that couldn't be trusted especially if they were to continue to hold to those thoughts and feelings in the aftermath. if they look at the animal as an equal if you need to eat they would kill you to stop you from eating that animal. In fact I'd suspect they would probably blame the outbreak on the eating of meat.

The peta types have abandoned one of the central tenets of the Western way of life, that man was created in God's image, if man wasn't created in God's image then man is an animal if man is an animal he has no right over other animals, as you can see that thought is dangerous as it leads to a very dangerous road.

Lastly any hunter would feel this, This Is the Viral Video of a Mother Otter Escaping a Killer Whale, But There’s a Heartbreaking Twist, which proves we are better then the peta kooks.


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