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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Defending Capitalism: Flea Markets

Defending Capitalism: Flea Markets

We all know them, Flea Markets, whether its clean, dusty, outdoors, indoors, or a combination of those. Well yesterday while doing some work someone I know, who is a retired union worker this will be important a little latter, said that only Flea Brains go to Flea Markets, of course this wasn't just some jest he was serious. My response "Why? Flea Markets are the perfect example of why capitalism works, you take your goods there if someone wants them they well buy them or negotiate over the price until both sides are happy." he really didn't have much to say after that. But I wanted to continue the defense of Flea Markets here.

Flea Markets our bazaars are the perfect example of why capitalism, you take your goods there if someone wants them they well buy them or negotiate over the price until both sides are happy. Now there is more to most flea markets then that and there is the more dubious side such as the bootleg & knockoff items but most reputable establishments prohibit that as well as checks out the vendors from time to time just to check that no one is selling those items. As some one who has sold at Flea Markets before, I also had my own permanent space for several years here, I can tell you personally that there is more then people selling inexpensive or secondhand goods you can find new and used items of all prices and all kinds, from fruits and vegetables to movies, video games, collectibles, and antiques, a perfect example of what happens when government isn't involved in capitalism, no price controls and no mandates to the sellers.
You are free both buyer & seller to negotiate over the price of things, now there are likely to be someone who will point out that when you buy certain items at a flea market you are taking a risk that it might not work, electronics for example, let me give you some simple advice, Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware! Its very simple first if the person is unwilling, or unable, to show you that the good works right there then you don't buy it! We have all made that mistake once, most vendors at a flea market, especially those in a more permanent stall, are quite willing to show you that something works or guaranties that if it does not they will exchange it for another item in their store, because it means a possible sale. Even those in the what are typically known as Daily Rental spots are there consistently.

Flea Markets are just another unappreciated area of American Capitalism.

By Solomon.
Solomon's Conservative Wisdom

P.S. I was going to cover the union point in the main body of this post but decided against it, so I am putting it here, the retired union worker, who I will call Union from now on, is ardently Union nothing the Unions do is bad, the only reason Americans don't like unions is due to propaganda by businesses, those are his words by the way. Despite the fact that most businesses in America are small businesses with fewer then a hundred employees, its propaganda by those businesses and people like Joe the Plumber that has people disliking the unions, Yeah Right! People are tired of the same Union tactics and arguments they see every day.

Now as to another point on unions I want to make quickly, I personally have never liked unions and its not what you might be thinking, not because I am a conservative, southerner, or otherwise, Its because of who the original founders of the Unions were, Anarchists, as in no government at all, and Marxists, not a foundation I would like to build something on.

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