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Friday, May 14, 2010

Is the War on Drugs Starting to go too far.

Is the War on Drugs starting to go too far. Watch the video below, now this is pretty disturbing so a word of warning before you watch it;

Freedom Watch Video, Drug Bust Gone Awry,

The question here to me is what did they do in that eight days? If they didn't scout the home that they could have been walking right in to a trap, think about it an anonymous and they are going in blind a couple of thugs with AK-47s and armor piercing rounds would have made that SWAT Teams worst day look like a walk in the park. It just seems like common sense to me.

Now on to the issue of the War on Drugs with this news, AP IMPACT: US drug war has met none of its goals, the reason the War on Drugs has failed to meet is goals is political, politicians have messed this up just like the Korean War and the Vietnam War they want to play generals with no experience in actual fighting. Let me give you one classic example, after Congress voted to go to war in WWI when the military asked for funds to train the troops the head of the House said "My, God your not actually going to send troops over there." its a classic example of how the professional political class think.

The problem the War on Drugs has is its being fought in ways that I think isn't war like, let me explain that, when you fight a war like in Europe in WWII you want to fight it in all possible areas, land, air, and sea. So the best way to fight the War on Drugs is this, first you try to stop the drugs from getting here, that means stopping them in the country of origin and at the borders, on a quick note the best way to stop them in the country of origin see the movie Collateral Damage. Second for the drugs that get in to the US you need to get them off the streets or before it gets to the streets, this includes catching the drug dealers large and medium and locking them up, as to the small fries use them to get to the bigger fish and fine them in general. Next take most addicts and send them to mandatory rehab, just like with Elvis Presley you can't save everyone you will lose people who will die from their addiction(s) some people's low point is death, but you will take from the dealers pockets if you take from their pool of addicts. Most addicts who clean up can be placed on parole for an appropriate amount of time for any non-violent crimes they might have committed.

Next you need to start educating children the consequences of drugs based on the level of school, basic say no to drugs stuff in elementary school, showing more graphic stuff in middle school such as the pictures of those abusing meth from when they start and to their most recent picture even death and showing video of those who have killed to many brain cells from huffing, and in high school have former drug addicts and dealers who have cleaned up tell the teens about their stories preferably with pictures and video of what they were like back then to show the difference in their lives.

Now as to the cost of this version War on Drugs, most of the educational stuff could be handled by non-profits so that would cut that cost out, next law enforcement costs could be cut by a small portion or moved to the rehab portion which would also be done by non-profits which are good at getting the most out of a dollar. Also costs would be cut by moving most of the non-violent addicts out of the normal prison system, making room for the violent offenders that get parole when they shouldn't. And lastly I believe a large portion of the costs of the War on Drugs is in foreign aid which if we do things properly we could cut at least 90% of that cost.

One last thing, as to the issue of drugs like marijuana they will remain illegal but might be moved around in the Schedule Categories.


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