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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Social Security Taxes and the Progressives, and Robin Hood.

While clearing out some old recorded O'Reilly Factor shows, I stumbled on something about taxes specifically about the raising of taxes by the left, and something that one of the guests, Mark Levine, said I thought I should write about, Social Security Taxes.

Now Mark Levine was complaining about the low nature of Social Security Taxes on the rich, as with many things the left and progressives complain about they get it wrong. Levine's complaint was the Social Security Tax was regressive to those making one hundred thousand or less taxing at approximately 7.5%, those making one million or more taxed approximately 1%, and those making more then ten million less then 0.01%, but what Mr. Levine and many other liberals and progressives miss is, despite the fact Social Security is a failing system, that the system was originally designed as a savings system meaning that what ever you put in you would get back plus interest, other then the fact that also hasn't worked. This means that the rich with more income will save on their own, past the yearly Social Security maximum of $6,324 for the worker. But what they want is for the rich to be taxed much more paying past the yearly Social Security maximum, but they won't get their money back instead the "generous" government will spread the wealth to those who make less, i.e. socialism. In a sense this would make the Social Security system a true pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

Now when I originally decided to do this I thought about Robin Hood, as some possible response that Mr. Levine or some other liberal or progressive might give me but I have a simple response to them, "Have you read the story?" If one was to look at the story what was it about a liberal or progressive might give this answer "Its about taking from the rich and giving to the poor." in a way but as all liberals or progressives do they read the story wrong.

Before I continue, I want to point out that the story of Robin Hood has changed thought the many centuries its been around, what I am talking about is the main story that became centered around the absence of King Richard while fighting in the Crusades. Robin Hood is about the conflict between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, Prince John having taken the throne due to King Richard's absence began to heavily take the peasants and the Sheriff of Nottingham is one of those charged with collecting those taxes taking too much from the peasants to the point that they suffer, in reaction Robin takes from the Sheriff and Prince John and giving it back to the peasants. Robin viewing Prince John as a usurper to the throne, fights against him until the true king returns. As an interesting note the liberals or progressives tend to ignore the Sheriff of Nottingham or Prince John as the villain of the story often pointing to the faceless rich as the villain, despite the historical fact that the rich of that age were the nobles, i.e. the Sheriff and Prince John.

Now if I was to put the story in to a modern context first who would best fit the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham? For me and most conservatives that would be the IRS as has been shown the IRS has been been overly aggressive in collecting taxes from the middle class, of course you would need to have someone who stands out as the leader, someone along the lines of the G-Men of prohibition era. Next if you wanted to fill the role of Prince John it would have to be someone in the role of president or vice president who has placed high taxes on the people, to the point where it represses them. As for Robin Hood that would best fit as the hero of the people against a repressive government, as for his tactics that would depend on the era, personally the best period for this story would be an alternative version of the prohibition era where one could best craft the story to its best, where you could have the essence of the original story with out the modern items such as computers, electronic transfers, where hard currency would still be, the usage of the G-Men and a corrupt leader who reminds you of Eliot Ness crossed with Al Capone, and a president or vice president who is more interested in his agenda or power over the welfare of the people.

The fact that true villains are overlooked by the liberals & progressives just shows their true agenda and bias. After all if you resemble the villain why would you want to bring him up in the first place?


P.S. On another point similar to this, is the take something out context and throw it in the face of conservatives, such as Matthew 7:1 (New King James Version) “1. Judge not, that you be not judged." (O'Reilly is one of those who use this from time to time,) but they forget context it goes on, Matthew 7:2-3 (New King James Version) "2. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. 3. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?" The best example would be Al Gore he preaches to us to save the Earth, by conserving resources and such, yet he "does not consider the plank in his own eye" he consumes so much more then even the common family uses. Thus making him a true Hypocrite.

(This is a product of my mind and ideas, and I hold on to all Ideas put forth in this Article. This may only be reprinted with my permission. Solomon, June 23rd Two Thousand Ten in the Year of Our Lord.)


  1. ALL TAX IS BAD TAX. Robin Hood or no, what the progressives have wanted us to think about any subject for the last 100+ years, is what they wanted us to think.

    I am certifiably disabled, per my Neurosurgeon who saved my life. Yet, my social security administration. Says no, not yet. I have been waiting since Sept 13th 2009.

    I paid, and my employers paid, for over 35 years. If I only had a small percentage of that sum, then I would not be 'homeless'.

    I would be able to buy FOOD, without FOOD STAMPS!

    But let's just keep going, as the going gets.


  2. We have all this taxes so big government can run. The government is more bloated than it ever has been.

    As for the true villains, we are surrounded. They want to redistribute the wealth to their voter base. The system is really out of whack right now.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Prince John would be tax hungry congress. Robin Hood would be socialism or democracy take your pick.

    I don't understand your hate for socialism. Do you hate American Democracy? Democracy is based on social equalities. Go look it up in a dictionary.. So that means that democracy is based on socialism.

    Do you plan on collecting social security? You can opt out of it. Social security brought millions of elderly out of poverty. The only problem with social security is the greedy politicians putting their hands on it and the fact that the rich do not pay their fair share, however they made sure they are entitled to the same reimbursements.

    Do you plan on using Medicaid? You can opt out of it too. When your laid up in a bed from old age, cancer, or pneumonia who will wipe your ass?

    Do you have any family in public schools? Why don't you teach them their ABC's...

    Do you use public transportation? Don't use it if you think it's a bad idea.

    All those are examples of socialism pure and simple. Do you need a few seconds to comprehend that? I think your problem is when you hear the word socialism you immediately think communism, like most republicans. Socialism and communism actually mean different things. I hate to have point it out to you, but, it's always the same thing with republicans when it comes to talking about socialism. The US is a democracy. Democracy is all about the poor, if, it is a true democracy. So when you attack socialism you are attacking democracy. In favor of the Absolute Oligarchy that the US currently is. Try reading some Aristotle or Ayn Rand. You can even watch some videos on Youtube, just do a search.

  4. To Michael Gene, didn't get to see or read your comment until today, I will have a full response in a day or two.