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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Does Wealth Have to do With It?

While watching Neil Cavuto today I saw this segment,
Tea Party Protester Takes Punch?

What really gets me is the statement by the attacker's lawyer,
"We are going to deal with this in the court room. Mr. Tabor is going to find out that being wealthy doesn't make any difference in the court room" Joe Williams, the attorney for Spencer, the attacker. What does wealth have to do with it, you decided to act like a child and start a fight, I don't think a jury is going to find your pushing a woman around like that amusing. You're lucky you didn't get your ass kicked for pushing the Mr. Tabors wife around.

The fact the guy's lawyer try's to pull a John Edwards by bringing in wealth is both lowdown and pathetic. The fact that this incident is being ignored by the Drive by Media is what I expect from them.

Quite frankly I would like to see his ass in fount of Judge Joe Brown because as he says frequently "He's Protecting womanhood and promoting manhood," this guy Spencer would get the tongue thrashing of a lifetime from Judge Joe Brown, as a matter of fact I have the perfect episode of Judge Joe Brown that represents what the attacker acts like.

Thug Gets Bold With Judge Joe Brown!

Mr Spencer acts like the kind of guy who would say stupid things to the judge. And with that, that's all for now.



  1. There is little doubt that, we can expect a lot more of this kind of ridiculous behavior in the future - since far too many Americans are largely ignorant of precisely what is going on. Please, let me explain it in simple terms.

    The Democrats and Republicans have blinded you and are colluding together to destroy our nation from within. They are channeling your attention at each other - by claiming the other is the enemy - while continually working together behind the scenes. While we are busy fighting each other, they are swiftly taking us to dictatorship under their unified rulership.

    They have been doing their real work in the background - by creating the very problems which anger the voters and then later justify their own actions. Meanwhile, during all of this, they are saying one thing to get elected and doing something else entirely - once elected. The increasingly heated rhetoric is merely to disguise the fact that they are on the same side.

    Wake Up, America - you are being duped!

  2. I love Judge Joe Brown.

    Your first commenter is partly right. It's just that the democrats have really gone too far this time. Way too far. When you promise the poor so very much to get elected and they vote for you and you don't produce you get this type of behavior. This is just the beginning. Expect this to escalate.

    Money does have a lot to do with cases. Money buys the best attorney's. O.J. is a perfect example. He got away with murder because of the dream team.

    This guy that punched Mr. Tabor is doing what every other thug does. Point the finger right back. I know since I've worked around this type of thug all my working life. The best offense is a good defense.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. @Francis R. Barbour
    The problem is the Progressives, who are in both parties. The progressives have that New World Order thing going on with what they are trying to do. But, the mask has been cracked, the curtain divided, the Progressives have been exposed to the American public and they are standing up to them. Eventually the will lose their long planed strategy.

    I love his show too, especially the ones where you know someone going to be really stupid. And you are right about the thug but the video and witnesses will bring him down to earth.

    Money sometimes has an effect, but the O.J. trial is a very good example of excuse making by people who want to defend an idol or famous person they like, a good example of this is from Larry Elders book The Ten Things You Can't Say In America, pg 38-39 taken from a New republic article written by Mark Gerson;

    One student suggested that Ron Goldman killed Nicole before killing himself and then throwing away the knife. Another believes the dog did it. Shenia suggested that Al Cowlings, Simpson's best buddy, did it. Bryant believes the killer is O.J.'s son. Philips blames "that fag dude who wants to marry O.J."; that would be Kato Kaelin, Simpson's houseguest. Even the smartest students are willing to give more credence to the most outlandish theories than to the prosecution's.

    Jon, a bright student, had his own scenario: O.J. was shaving and cut himself. Kato took the blood from the shaving cut, brought it to the crime scene and dumped it. Why, I asked, did O.J. collect his blood after he cut himself shaving? Jon called me a racist, and that was that. . . .

    Eunicia said that Nicole got what she deserved as a result of messing with a black man Wait, I said, if you think that it is wrong for O.J. to marry a white woman, doesn't he deserve some of the fault? No, Eunicia added. women control these types of situations, and Nicole roped O.J. in to get his money. If it weren't for Nicole, O.J. would have stayed with his first wife, Marguerite, who, of course, was black. . . .

    Sholanda: "Nicole was a slut. She gave some other guy oral sex in O.J.'s house. She had many lovers-even before she and O.J. married! It is only right that he became very jealous and took out his jealousy in some way."

    As with most evil it only has power if people give it that power, look at some of the more recent trials with celebrities, some have been convected and some let go, it depends on the people around the prosecution and trial.