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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something from my Local Area.

I wanted to share a crime that has been in the news in my local area. A man, Tony Grubbs, in my area has been accused of killing an elderly couple in Waynesborow, GA. The reason he killed them, probably in the act of committing robbery for jewelry he sold to a pawn shop for just $20. So this thug killed this elderly couple for twenty dollars. I know nothing about Grubbs record but as has been shown by Judge Joe Brown many of these thugs have records several pages long longer then one's arm filled with all kinds of crimes, as I have pointed out before in previous posts the soft on crime approach has failed society too many times to count. And the fact that when they go to trial there will be liberals that will fight to keep this thug off death row is sad.

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The news report from WAGT.



  1. I live in California. We are overrun with illegal aliens and nothing is done about that except we are boycotting Arizona. We are letting the bad guys out of prison because of overcrowding. Crime is running amok. I can so relate to this story.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Oh and there are gang members all over the place that have taken over entire neighborhoods. California is a large toilet in many places. :(