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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Historical Facts for June 2010

I am starting something to go with my posts for this blog, Historical Facts that have a connection with a recent post I have done. These will have a point to them that connects with something in that post.

Captain Michael Healy, who commanded the Cutter Bear from 1886 to 1895, was the first Black American to command a vessel for the United States Government.

If you want to read previous comments on this go to, Rand Paul is More Right then Wrong. Otherwise please comment below.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Social Security Taxes and the Progressives, and Robin Hood.

While clearing out some old recorded O'Reilly Factor shows, I stumbled on something about taxes specifically about the raising of taxes by the left, and something that one of the guests, Mark Levine, said I thought I should write about, Social Security Taxes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something from my Local Area.

I wanted to share a crime that has been in the news in my local area. A man, Tony Grubbs, in my area has been accused of killing an elderly couple in Waynesborow, GA. The reason he killed them, probably in the act of committing robbery for jewelry he sold to a pawn shop for just $20. So this thug killed this elderly couple for twenty dollars. I know nothing about Grubbs record but as has been shown by Judge Joe Brown many of these thugs have records several pages long longer then one's arm filled with all kinds of crimes, as I have pointed out before in previous posts the soft on crime approach has failed society too many times to count. And the fact that when they go to trial there will be liberals that will fight to keep this thug off death row is sad.

See my previous posts, Parole What is it Good For?, and The Criminal Loving Anonymous Poster.

The news report from WAGT.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Why the borders Won't be Secured.

Senator Kyl on why our borders won't be secured. For some reason I am not surprised that the political has turned the borders in to a political game over it being national security. Also I don't trust that we would get enforcement, Obama would slip an amnesty bill through promising enforcement only to not do any real follow through.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rand Paul is More Right then Wrong.

Originally when the whole thing with Rand Paul's statement blew up, I really had no reason to say anything at the time, the subject while something that should be discussed didn't "interest" me at that moment, but after reading someone's opinion that Libertarianism (and encompassing Conservatism) are incapable of fixing the problems of things like racism or sexism (and you can include any other -isms if you want.) They believe that government can fix those things, the problem is it was progressive government, i.e. Woodrow Wilson, who did things like segregating the military, thought the Constitution was outdated, (the document not the ship,) imprisoning people for speaking out against the government in getting involved in WWI, as well as instituting several progressive policies which after his presidency resulted in the election of Warren G. Harding, which that race was about whether to continue Woodrow Wilson's progressive policies or to reject them. Need less to say the voters rejected progressivism.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Does Wealth Have to do With It?

While watching Neil Cavuto today I saw this segment,
Tea Party Protester Takes Punch?

What really gets me is the statement by the attacker's lawyer,
"We are going to deal with this in the court room. Mr. Tabor is going to find out that being wealthy doesn't make any difference in the court room" Joe Williams, the attorney for Spencer, the attacker. What does wealth have to do with it, you decided to act like a child and start a fight, I don't think a jury is going to find your pushing a woman around like that amusing. You're lucky you didn't get your ass kicked for pushing the Mr. Tabors wife around.